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  • Zarnath

    Inhabited swamp world in the Outer Rim. Population consists mostly of species that are amphibious by nature: Aqualish, Mon Cal, etc. since they find the environment more pleasant than do more terrestrial species. Also has a large minority of non- …

  • Cephias IV

    A temperate world in the Outer Rim that has had a long history of multiple colonization attempts. The government is jealous of its archaeological heritage and requires any expeditions on the planet acquire specific permissions prior to any exploration …

  • Numarkun

    A system in the Outer Rim noted for its exclusively fungus based flora. The Numarkun government allows archaeological digs as long as the proper permits are acquired, and charges a reasonable price for those permits.

  • Ulaknall VI

    A largely barren world that has never been officially colonized. It is host to an outlaw settlement frequented by pirates and smugglers.

  • Doruba the Hutt

    Crime Lord in the Toruscan Sector that has had dealings in the past with some of the crew of the _[[Unstable Friendship | Unstable Friendship]]_, most notably [[:traggisk | Traggisk]]

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