Star Wars: Holocron Raiders

Artifact Hunt part 2

Following the fight with the security droids, Amara Cormin and Bib Idrall take the remains back to the speeders while the remaining members of the group explore further.

They continue on to the first major power source, which proves to be a large console in a pyramid shaped room. NX-Gray2 is able to get the console working while Neeka Butana searches various panels and compartments in the room, locating two artifacts whose use is not immediately apparent, but which are aesthetically interesting, and therefore might be of some value to collectors.

NX-Gray2 learns that the facility is somewhere between 500 and 1000 years old and was a corporate research facility. Tampering by the characters appears to have reactivated at least one of the experiments with a message stating that “project XA6” is active, and that containment is not secure.

Further examination provides a partial schematic of the facility, but there is some data corruption so further exploration will be necessary.

That exploration is temporarily halted by a broken turbolift. A 100 foot vertical shaft separates the upper facility from the lower one, and the turbolift connecting the two no longer works. In fact, the turbolift car is stuck in the shaft about 10 feet from the top. Traggisk attempts to move the car with brute force, but is unable to. Neeka Butana then tries to reactivate the controls through her datapad, but this results in the car plummeting a short distance before she is able to re-trigger the brakes.

After NX-Gray2 scrounges some wiring by cannibalizing the console in the other room, Neeka is able to trigger the brakes from outside the car, with the only casualty being her datapad that is yanked from her hands as the car plummets to the bottom of the shaft. The three then use the maintenance ladder to climb down. Unfortunately, NX-Gray2 is not built for climbing long ladders and almost plummets down the shaft, being caught in a tangle of wire instead.

Finally at the bottom, the group is able to take another scan, better pinpointing the various energy signatures, identifying most of them as doors or droids. Avoiding most of the droids, they arrive outside the second main power source, which they suspect is the main research lab. Unfortunately, they also know that five droids are inside the area.

NX-Gray2 volunteers to try to speak to the droids and enters alone. Able to understand them due to his earlier examination of the computer console in the upper level, he realizes they are asking for his authorization. He tells them that the company has been sold during their downtime and that he represents the new owners. The droids give him temporary clearance as they attempt to confirm his information.

NX quickly accesses the one functional lab, discovering that project XA6 was something to do with nanotechnology, and removing two data cores from the lab computers. He then took the cores back to his companions where they discussed what to do next.

Unfortunately, the droids had finished running their confirmation routines and had determined that NX was not authorized for access, so they interrupted the group, demanding the return of the stolen cores, and enforcing the demand by the lead droid opening fire on Traggisk with a repeating blaster, nearly taking him out of the fight before it even got started.

Exercising discretion, the group turns and runs before the security droids can mow them down in a hail of blaster fire. NX is able to drop a frag grenade, partially collapsing a wall behind them to give them a little bit of time, after which Neeka blasts a door panel, giving them even more.

With the droids delayed, the group is almost able to make it back up the turbolift shaft before they appear at the bottom. A hail of fire wounds Neeka, but miraculously misses NX, who was bringing up the rear.

The group heads for the exit, determined to get out of the area as quickly as possible.

Artifact Hunt part 1

NX-Gray2 is contacted by Merisee Zaniah with a tip on some artifacts he might be interested in acquiring. She has a client that is interested in whatever he might find. The location of the site is in the Numarkun system.

Doing some research, the group finds that while the government is fairly liberal in granting dig permits, a local crime boss considers himself a connoisseur of antiquities, and is known to sometimes interfere with digs, especially ones that aren’t authorized by the government.

Fortunately, since their last job, the crew of the Unstable Friendship now includes Bib Idrall, a smooth talking Twi’lek merchant who manages to secure the proper permits from the Numarkun authorities.

After renting a speeder truck and a speeder bike, the group heads out to the site based on the information that Merisee gave them. Finding the site is not difficult and in fact, the entrance has been uncovered by recent erosion.

The group enters the site and a scan by Amara Cormin shows two strong power sources and many lesser ones. Some of the lesser ones prove to be doors that Neeka Butana is able to open, but others prove to be powered down security droids. The group only discovers this after running into a group of four of them which power up and attack after being unable to identify the group as authorized personnel.

The battle is relatively short, with Traggisk and Amara Cormin doing most of the damage to take the droids down.

Hunting the Gambler's Debt

Following their Escape from Cephias IV, the crew of the Unstable Friendship disposes of their find and repairs their ship. While doing so they meet Traggisk, a Trandoshan in search of transport who agrees to serve as the group’s muscle in return for passage and a share of whatever jobs they engage in.

Unfortunately rumors of artifacts are scarce when Traggisk is contacted by the representative of Doruba the Hutt, a crime lord that he used to work for who wants Traggisk to do a job for him. A certain smuggler, Kainite Cath, has failed the Hutt for the last time, and he wants to teach her a lesson while sending a message to his other employees. He wants her ship, The Gambler’s Debt to be destroyed. He doesn’t care how it happens, and he doesn’t care what happens to Kainite, as long as the ship is rendered non-operational in a permanent manner.

NX-Gray2 is able to trace the ship to it’s last known location in the Serethin system. The ship is gone by the time they get there, but NX knows a person who might be able to point them in the right direction. The group contacts Merisee Zaniah by offering her an artifact that NX considers to be worthless, but which she finds interesting. She doesn’t know where Kainite went, but knows of someone who might, a Aqualish thug named Zev who fancies himself and up and coming crime lord in the local underworld. She suspects he can be found at the Drowned Bantha, a local cantina.

The group finds Zev and Neeka Butana is able to flatter him into revealing where Kainite headed after doing business with him. She also learns that Zev feels Kainite cheated him in the deal. She picks Zev’s pockets on the way out. Meanwhile NX-Gray2 nearly starts a brawl with another Aqualish in the bar by deliberately spilling his drink. A quick retreat by the droid prevents mayhem from erupting, but causes enough distraction to allow Neeka to pick another pocket on the way out the door.

Following up on Zev’s lead, the group heads to the Zarnath system, where a scan of the surrounding space reveals The Gambler’s Debt on an outbound course from the planet. The crew of the Unstable Friendship quickly plots an intercept course and battle ensues. After taking massive damage, Kainite is convinced to surrender under threats from Traggisk. She is made prisoner and her ship is quickly looted before being blown up.

In the meanwhile, a pair of Z-95 Headhunters from Zarnath’s planetary defense force have arrived to investigate the battle, the crew attempts to bluff the fighters by claiming they are pursuing a legitimate bounty. The fighters make a strafing run on the Unstable Friendship but stop after one pass when their control reports that there is in fact an outstanding bounty in effect. The fighters then demand that the ship stand down and present credentials.

Lacking credentials, the ship instead makes a successful run for it and makes the jump to hyperspace.

Escape from Cephias IV

Amara Cormin, Neeka Butana, and NX-Gray2 have found the artifact they were searching for on Cephias IV, but find themselves in disagreement with the local authorities as to whether or not they have the paperwork necessary to remove artifacts from the planet.

As a result, the local law enforcement has been mobilized to prevent them from returning to their ship, the Unstable Friendship. Through a bit of creative slicing and grand theft landspeeder, the group is able to distract most of the officers between them and their ship. A gunfight with the group guarding their ship allows them to blast their way out of the spaceport.

Two Cloud Cars attempt to stop their ship before it can leave the atmosphere, but despite doing some damage, the Unstable Friendship is able to escape.


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