Star Wars: Holocron Raiders

The Wookiee War Mask

Having come up mostly empty following the expedition to the Numarkun system, Bib Idrall leaves the ship to start looking for work full time. After a couple weeks he makes contact with Liakporin, a Wookiee looking to hire a team to make an “acquisition” of a wookiee war mask currently being held in a private collection.

The team agrees to take the job, and leaving Bib behind to look for future jobs, heads to Ord Kilnog in the Mid Rim where Vee Dayish lives and stores his collection.

NX-Gray2 and Neeka Butana do some research and find the location of Dayish’s city penthouse where the mask is believed to be held. Neeka and Amara Cormin case the place and eventually everyone puts together a plan of action that involves Traggisk intimidating a spice addicted guard into giving them access to the building.

Everything goes smoothly in getting access to the lower level of the penthouse, the only hiccup coming when the “private” security they were expecting turns out to be two Imperial Army soldiers. They soon discover that Vee Dayish has recently been appointed Lieutenant Governor of the system.

The mask is not on the lower level of the penthouse, and when they begin to search the upper level they run into four stormtroopers. They are able to overcome the surprised troopers, find the mask and escape the penthouse by hotwiring a speeder, but there is now an Imperial alert out for them.



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