Star Wars: Holocron Raiders

The Wreck of the Nashoba's Gold

After turning over the Wookiee war mask to Liakporin, the group makes it way back to the Outer Rim before they can be tracked down by the Imperial authorities near Numarkun.

The next couple months are spent doing small jobs, tracking down rumors of interesting sites, and selling off the valuable finds they recovered on previous jobs. Unfortunately, some of the best leads that NX-Gray2 comes up with point towards sites on Cephias IV, where the group is persona-non-gratis following their first adventure together there. Despite several attempts, Bib Idrall and NX-Gray2 are unable to secure permits.

Eventually, Bib is contacted by Jentha Sanelle, a bureaucrat in the Cephias IV government. She offers the group a deal. If they will do a job for her then she will see to it that their record on Cephias IV is cleared. The job involves recovering data from a crashed Corellian Corvette on the second moon of Karalcass in the Karalcass system.

Sanelle tells them that time is of the essence because an ISB agent is also looking for the same data, but hasn’t yet narrowed down the location of the wreck past the system that it is in. If the party hurries they should be able to beat the ISB to the wreck.

The party agrees to the job and makes its way to the Karalcass system where they quickly locate the wreck and land nearby despite the rough terrain. The ship broke in two in the crash, but they are pretty sure the data is in the front section. They make their way through the wreckage, fighting off an attack by some sort of arachno-frog creature in the process. Eventually they locate the computer room, but are unable to download and wipe the data. Instead, they physically remove the section containing the data cores, and haul it out of the wreckage.

Getting back out of the ship, they see that they are not alone. An Imperial Lambda-class shuttle is landed on a hill a bit beyond their own ship, and a squad of Stormtroopers is headed their way. They hurry towards the ship, Neeka Butana sneaking ahead and making it on board without the Stormtroopers spotting her. She fires up the engines as Amara Cormin and Traggisk haul the computer through the muck.

The Stormtroopers order them to halt, and then open fire when they don’t. Neeka manages to move the ship closer to where the rest of the party can scramble aboard before Amara takes over and they blast off. Amara and Neeka then deal handily with a pair of intercepting TIE fighters before jumping out of the system to safety.



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