Star Wars: Holocron Raiders

It Takes A Thief...

Returning to Cephias IV with the datacore allowed the group to get the charges against them dropped to misdemeanors. Once the appropriate fines were paid, and paperwork filed, they were then free to apply for archaeological licenses which were duly approved.

After a month or two of following NX-Gray2’s lead in exploring sites on Cephias IV, the group is once again contacted by Jentha Sanelle who wishes them to recover a stolen artifact. Specifically, a plascrete tablet taken by a pirate band led by Deell Reth.

Sanelle leaves it up to the group how to acquire the artifact, as long as the pirates don’t become aware as to who hired them to do it. They also arrange to get the group in and out of the outlaw settlement on Ulaknall VI where the artifact is believed to be kept.

Upon arrival, Bib Idrall and Neeka Butana quickly locate Reth’s compound, but word gets out that someone is asking around about it.

Neeka attempts to sneak into the compound through the second floor, but is unable to do so due to the presence of two guards in the room with the artifact. She is able to pinpoint the location of the artifact and determine the layout of the second floor.

Despite their being on guard, Traggisk bullies his way into the pirate band as a new recruit. Once he is established, the remaining group manage to bluff their way into the lower floor of the two story compound, but Neeka gets caught trying to sneak into the second floor.

Traggisk takes the initiative and grabs Neeka, tossing her out of the compound then announcing that there may be more intruders upstairs. He runs up to the second floor before anyone can intervene. He then heads to the room with the artifact where he attempts to bluff his way past the guards. When that fails he simply grabs the artifact and runs straight into the window. The plasteel glass doesn’t break, but the frame around it does, and he falls to the ground outside the compound.

The group makes a dash for the shuttle waiting for them. Traggisk and Neeka pull ahead of Bib and NX, and are able to board the shuttle and make sure the pilot is ready to take off. Just as the other two arrive, so do a half dozen pirates. Bib tries to deceive them into believing they have the wrong guys. He fails, but confuses them just long enough to dash on board the shuttle before they can get off some shots.

Unfortunately, as the shuttle rises the pirates blast it and manage to hit something important. Unable to clear the atmosphere until it’s repaired, NX manages to do so without too much trouble, and the shuttle escapes before the arrival of any pirate ships.



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