Star Wars: Holocron Raiders

Escape from Cephias IV

Amara Cormin, Neeka Butana, and NX-Gray2 have found the artifact they were searching for on Cephias IV, but find themselves in disagreement with the local authorities as to whether or not they have the paperwork necessary to remove artifacts from the planet.

As a result, the local law enforcement has been mobilized to prevent them from returning to their ship, the Unstable Friendship. Through a bit of creative slicing and grand theft landspeeder, the group is able to distract most of the officers between them and their ship. A gunfight with the group guarding their ship allows them to blast their way out of the spaceport.

Two Cloud Cars attempt to stop their ship before it can leave the atmosphere, but despite doing some damage, the Unstable Friendship is able to escape.



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