Star Wars: Holocron Raiders

Artifact Hunt part 1

NX-Gray2 is contacted by Merisee Zaniah with a tip on some artifacts he might be interested in acquiring. She has a client that is interested in whatever he might find. The location of the site is in the Numarkun system.

Doing some research, the group finds that while the government is fairly liberal in granting dig permits, a local crime boss considers himself a connoisseur of antiquities, and is known to sometimes interfere with digs, especially ones that aren’t authorized by the government.

Fortunately, since their last job, the crew of the Unstable Friendship now includes Bib Idrall, a smooth talking Twi’lek merchant who manages to secure the proper permits from the Numarkun authorities.

After renting a speeder truck and a speeder bike, the group heads out to the site based on the information that Merisee gave them. Finding the site is not difficult and in fact, the entrance has been uncovered by recent erosion.

The group enters the site and a scan by Amara Cormin shows two strong power sources and many lesser ones. Some of the lesser ones prove to be doors that Neeka Butana is able to open, but others prove to be powered down security droids. The group only discovers this after running into a group of four of them which power up and attack after being unable to identify the group as authorized personnel.

The battle is relatively short, with Traggisk and Amara Cormin doing most of the damage to take the droids down.



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